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Rewarding, Recognizing and Recruiting to Drive Innovation Development

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In our latest InnoView webinar, Shannon Lucas, Director of
Innovation, Vodafone Global Enterprise and Anthony Ferrier, CEO, Culturevate
will discuss approaches to rewarding, recognizing and recruiting employees
around innovative behaviors, with a goal of increasing the flow of new ideas
and driving a broader culture of innovation.
As companies increasingly look to drive innovative and
intrapreneurially behavior with their employees, they are freshly examining
ways to reward, recognize and even recruit around these efforts. Both Shannon
and Anthony have deep levels of insight to this area of growing importance to
innovation and HR leaders. Join us for another engaging, topical and thought
provoking session.
Save your seat for
Thursday, June 23rd at 12:00 PM EST:
About the Presenters:

Shannon Lucas,
Director of Innovation, Vodafone Global Enterprise
As Director of Innovation at Vodafone Global Enterprise,
Shannon Lucas focuses on empowering global Fortune 500 businesses to stay
agile, competitive and sustainable. One of the world's largest telecoms
companies, Vodafone provides telecommunications services in over 80 countries.
Lucas is passionate about developing ecosystems which
trigger collaborative innovation between multiple stakeholders and has
presented her game--'changing vision at TedX. Shannon is continually refining
customer engagement models, tools, and processes to support a culture of
change. She helps enterprise customers explore how mobile and ICT solutions
enable new business models, tap into consumer insights and streamline
operations. She manages a matrixed team of Innovation Champions, the intrapreneurs
from across the business, to accelerate the pace of innovation throughout
Anthony Ferrier, CEO
of Culturevate
Anthony is the CEO of Culturevate, providing
industry-leading innovation training and ongoing support for corporate
intrapreneurs and employees. Culturevate provides innovation training
(developed in association with some of the world's leading universities); a
SAAS-based Library of innovation-focused materials, tools and templates; along
with consulting focused on engaging employees around innovation. Anthony is a
widely read author, speaker and advisor to a wide range of Fortune 500
organizations. He previously led The BNY Mellon innovation program and has a
Master of Commerce (University of Sydney) and Bachelor of Economics (University
of Newcastle).
Register today: http://bit.ly/1UEgoPB
Also, don't miss Shannon's presentation 'Gamifying the
Intrapreneur Experience' at The Corporate Intrapreneur Summit on Friday,
September 9th at 9:00 AM.
The 2016 Corporate Intrapreneur Summit, produced in
partnership with Culturevate, offers a unique opportunity to share top-notch
industry experience, shared visions, and best practices on how intrapreneurs
can innovation scale and deliver growth. The Summit offers a unique opportunity
to leverage the experience of Innovation leaders, Intrapreneurs, L&D / HR
professionals and learning institutions. Designed for Executives, Leaders and
Program Managers challenged with creating new business value and responding to
competitive threats, the Corporate Intrapreneur Summit offers a curriculum
based approach, with a mix of presentations, panels and group working sessions.
For more information
about the conference or to register, click here:
We hope you'll join us!


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