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Saving your ideas?

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In a recent post at CommunityGuy, Jake McKee posted one of Ze Frank's videos. In this video, Ze Frank tackles a common question of all innovators, 'What happens if you run out of ideas'?
Ze points out instead of acting on those ideas, many of us simply keep them in our heads. Why? You'll come up with many excuses not to bring them out and expand upon them. While you're not pursuing your ideas, they'll become embellished and have more brilliance than the first time you thought of the original idea.

Ze takes the time to point out that on first try when we unleash the idea upon the world, most ideas turn out horribly. But by the second or third go round, you've got a lot or experience and have learned how to make these ideas much better.
So when an innovative idea comes to you, write it down, get it out and start working with it immediately. You can never get the time or energy back you've waited on an idea that swims in your head. And if you've discovered one of those ideas was really bad, you now have time to come up with plenty of others that may not be so bad.

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