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Seeing and Telling Your Innovation Stories Webinar Encore

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If you missed our live Web Chat on Seeing and Telling Your Innovation Stories.

View the webianr below to view how we describe how we are going to prototype, curate and crowd-source, using HypeGo, stories of real innovators, caught in the act of changing the world, industry-by- industry, city-by-city.

We're going to share these stories freely, and do the research on what helps them 'spread,' with help from Sam Ford, MIT Media Studies Researcher and author of Spreadable Media. We will also look at the patterns in the stories, as media forms and as news, with Kim Garretson, Fellow, Reynolds School of Journalism.

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' How to participate in Innovation Excellence's Story Project to share your own story
' What makes a great innovation story?
' What is spreadable media?
' The strategic role of stories in creating, disseminating and capturing innovation outcomes
' Crowdsourcing and open-innovation approaches to story capture and sharing

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