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Smart Ideas Need Smart Collaborations

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Ever felt the electricity of the group in an idea building session? That's what true collaboration feels like. At the end of the session, no one individual feels like they own the idea/solution/concept. It has resulted from the contributions and building-block approach of the whole.
It is also a process that has no place for ego. There is no room for 'that's my idea'. It's all in. It's a truly creative process. And it feels sensational!
And it's even more exciting when the teams are multidisciplinary. We are all the sum of our individual experiences and form our own associations and connections. In short, no two of us bring the same experiences to the table. So that means double the fun! 
Smart Ideas are usually the result of well-defined problems. Throughout history, our greatest progress has been made when we strive to create an easier pathway to achieve what has traditionally presented as problematic, or when we have imagined something that in our present experience seems beyond our reach. Like travelling to the moon. Like transportation. Like healing a particular disease. A Smart Idea is the first step to finding a solution. That's where the innovation journey begins.
There are many quotes about change. George Bernard Shaw covers it nicely with 'Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything'.  Innovation, by its simplest definition, is about useful change.
For some time governments, organisations, businesses and individuals have thrown the word 'innovation' into marketing material, grant proposals, investment opportunities and television programs. Unfortunately it's not often that 'we put our money where our mouth is'. 
This May, at the Front End Innovation Conference in Boston, there will be a myriad of opportunities to connect with those that can help you transform your Smart Ideas into Market Winning Strategies. There will be opportunities to connect with people from every corner of this planet. And when opportunity presents itself, the best thing to say is YES!
I travel to Boston each year from the land Downunder to soak up the information from speakers and other delegates. Now a regular (I refer to myself as a conference tragic), initially I contemplated the expense and time out from my business that attending would require. Hindsight is a truly wonderful thing so I can tell you unequivocally it was one of the best investments I have made. The opportunities that attending the conference opened up for me, the content that I could share with my clients and the sharing and development of Smart Ideas, have resulted in increased satisfaction with my work and the opportunity to be of greater service to those I have the good fortune to work with.
It's no editing oversight that I have used the word 'opportunity' several times in this article. Creating opportunity and possibility is what I do, through opening hearts and minds to innovation. Got a Smart Idea? How will you make it happen? Just how will you take it to market? Bring your Smart Idea and grow it up at the Front End Innovation Conference 2017.

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