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Speaker Profile: Dean Kamen

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This week, we're profiling Dean Kamen, who will be presenting the keynote presentation 'An Evening with Dean Kamen and FIRST Robots,' at the Front End of Innovation Conference May 19th through 21st at the Boston World Trade Center and Seaport Hotel.

Dean Kamen has been an inventor his entire life. His first invention, made in his childhood home basement on Long Island was a device for providing light to the displays in museums. Next was the automatic syringe followed by the portable, wearable dialysis machine, making the quality of life for many who suffer from the problems much better. Kamen holds over 440 patents both in the United States and abroad

Today, Dean is the founder and president of Deka, located in Manchester, New Hampshire, a research and development corporation focused on bringing radical ideas into life. Dean is also the founder of FIRST. Founded in 1989, First is an organization that focuses on children learning and being challenged in the field of technology and innovation. Each year, the program works with 37,000 high school students, pairs them up with corporate professionals, and then they are challenged with engineering design programs that will help them develop a love for technological innovation at a young age.

Kamen still focuses on inventions in the healthcare field, all contribution to helping people live better lives. Some of his recent inventions include the INDEPENDENCE IBOT Mobility System' and the Segway Human Transporter '. As seen in his interview with Steven Colbert below, he's been working with the government recently in order to complete a technology that will allow US Soldiers to jump up to the top of a five story building in seconds. (Sources: MIT, IdeaFinder, Wikipedia).

Here's a video of Dean discussing his inventions with Steven Colbert:

Here's access to a video at MIT that gives Dean's biography:

We hope you will join us for Dean Kamen's presentation. Before the presentation, his robots will be on display so you can see yourself what incredible inventions Dean is coming up with to help the US population. We hope to see you at the Front End of Innovation Conference May 19th through the 21st in Boston!

We've now completed profiling our key note speakers for the Front End of Innovation Conference in May.

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