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Symborg launches new biofungicide in Brazil

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Spanish company Symborg has launched its new biofungicide product Thydra in Brazil.

Trichoderma harzianum T-78 is the new biocontrol solution from Symborg. The beneficial fungus “acts by activating the plant's natural defense mechanisms, naturally producing anti-fungal substances that inhibit the growth of pathogenic fungi, thus halting their reproduction and destroying their cell wall,” says the company.

The new product, which is in a liquid formulation, was designed by Symborg to protect crops against the proliferation of diseases caused by the attack of pathogenic fungi, such as Sclerotinia.

The company elaborated that the Trichoderma harzianum T-78 can adapt to various soil and substrates, and persists in the soil at different temperatures and in saline conditions. “In addition, it has a high reproduction rate that allows it to act quickly after its application,” the company added.

"A healthy soil with a rhizospheric microbial balance is a smart soil, with which we will achieve greater resistance to fungal diseases and avoid the associated yield losses," says Jesús Juárez, founding partner and CEO of Symborg.

Thydra is suitable for all types of agriculture, leaves no residues and is compatible with most synthetic fungicides, the company said.

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