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The best of private equity and venture capital in 2018

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As time comes for us to wrap up for 2018, we take a look back at the most popular articles on SuperReturn365 this year and find out what topics people have been focusing on.

Counting down from #10 to #1, here are the top articles of the year.

#10: Four reasons Europe will be a major force in “deep tech” innovation

Europe has so far been a quiet player in the technology industry. However, trends are showing that it is ready to make its comeback - David Lam at Atlantic Bridge tells us the reason that Europe is poised to become a tech-leader.

#9: Unleashing AI into private equity

The concepts of AI and automation, data and machine learning are as relevant to the private equity industry as anywhere else. How can the ever-changing world of technology make a change for the better for the industry?

#8: When superpowers collide: six takeaways for tech investors from the US-China trade dispute

The trade tension between US and China, the two global superpowers in the world, is one of the biggest disruptors of the global economy this year. What does this mean for tech investors?

#7: Private equity in 2018: changing disruption into opportunity

Technological and geopolitical disruption are set to be the biggest influencers for private equity in the year to come. Would you be able to make the most of the new opportunities and evade the threats brought by the changes?

#6: Women in private equity: why diversity is the key to improving performance

SuperReturn, in its role as the hub of the global industry, proactively supports gender diversity at its events. We welcomed members of Level 20 to join us for an exclusive interview on why gender diversification is important for the well-being of the industry.

#5: Where is venture capital heading? The trends, views and hotspots

What are the changing attitudes to venture capital, and where are the hotspots for a new venture community outside Silicon Valley? We chat to Winter Mead, Principal of Sapphire Ventures.

#4: Private credit: a new asset class is born but how will it grow?

The breakout is complete and private credit is now a key allocation option for the global savings system. But how will it evolve and grow from here?

#3: "Every LP can have their 'own version' of PE" - Katja Salovaara

Dorothy Kelso, Global Head of SuperReturn, speaks to Katja Salovaara, Senior Portfolio Manager of Private Equity at Ilmarinen, about career changes, inspirations, and the future of PE in the first LPs in conversation with Dorothy interview series.

#2: David Rubenstein on the global economy, geopolitics and the state of private equity

Speaking on the possible trajectories that the private equity industry could take, David Rubenstein, Co-Founder & Co-Executive Chairman at The Carlyle Group, aims to answer the key question on everyone's minds: how much longer can the global economy be this good?

#1: Sponsored vs. sponsorless lending: what are the key decision-making factors?

Not everyone is keen on sponsorless lending - but is sponsored lending always the way to go? Rupert Atkinson of CORDET Capital Partners deciphers some of the myths surrounding sponsorless lending.

What will be in store for us in 2019? Let us know your thoughts.


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