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The Best Things We Shared, Heard & Read from #FEIEMEA: Munich 2014

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- 52 tools for any company to innovate like a startup bit.ly/JNBOwj #FEIEMEA (Tweet This)

- Innovation is like attacking the immune system of your organisation #FEIEMEA pic.twitter.com/dr9i4QhLhH (Tweet this)

- People don't resist change. They resist being changed!" ' Peter Senge. flip.it/5iOo4 #intrapreneurship #feiemea (Tweet this)

- New idea? First people laugh, then they fight, then it becomes normal .. it's hard to be an innovator #FEIEMEA (Tweet this)

- It's not what you know but who you know that knows! #FEIEurope pic.twitter.com/ILj3dLS9FV #FEIEMEA (Tweet this)

-  Mars Space Colony Rockets Could Be Ready In 10 Years: SpaceX CEO zite.to/1aZK5ur' #bmgen #FEIEMEA #space (Tweet this)

- #innovation is in convincing the laggards, close minds & antagonists #FEIEMEA (Tweet this)

- The best social advertising of 2013. WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving #feiemea #emotions youtu.be/zIEIvi2MuEk (Tweet this)

- Meta skills: Creative work gets robotized faster & faster #FEIEMEA pic.twitter.com/icHG8llrLS (Tweet this)

- 'Not all the smart guys...work for you!' - a sideways look at Innovation #FEIEMEA instagram.com/p/kEZLnOtFN0/ (Tweet this)

- Who moved your #innovation cheese? Go beyond the extra mile & your comfort zone. (Tweet this)

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