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The Blackberry: Innovation Takes Over

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In a recent post at BusinessWeek, they sat down the CEO of Research in Motion, Mike Lazaridis, to discuss how innovation has played such a pivotal role in the way business men and women communicate in their busy work lives. Research and development has been a critical part of the growth of Research in Motion. It is critical to focus on the innovation and sustainability in this part of the development process. With the right environment and culture, the ability to motivate young and old minds to work together bring out the best products. The article also pointed out that in a time of recession (as we are currently facing now) most companies tend to cut their research and development funds. It does show for a huge part of the budget, but as with most things, the effort you put into the process will show in the end result. Companies do need to monitor the budget, but those who focus on innovation in areas that consider attention now, such as sustainability, will probably pull out of the recession faster. They'll have more to show for at the end of the recession when they've innovated today for tomorrow's customer. Blackberry has shown that success follows from focusing to tailor a product to the future. So what are you is your company going to do in it's time of recession? Will they cut research and development or will they focus on improving their products?

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