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The Fan Fiction of Ideation: A Perspective from Ideas To Go, Inc

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The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by E L James, is an international pop culture phenomenon. The books, categorized as erotic fiction'and dubbed 'mommy porn' by The New York Times'have been at the top of that paper's bestseller list for weeks. The movie rights have been sold. And the media is gaga over the author's story. What's so special about these books?

They started as Fan Fiction'as in, one ardent fan's love for something so much (the Twilight books and movies), that she had to respond with her own embellished twist on the story.

Fan Fiction is a passion-fueled online trend where fans of a particular book, movie, TV show, etc., write their own version as a tribute to the story, characters and worlds they love.

Like Fan Fiction, building on something you love is rampant in ideation sessions. We call it elaboration. And there are lots of benefits to it.

  1. 1. Sometimes it's easier to respond to something that's already out there, than it is to come up with an idea on the spot. 
  2. 2. Elaborating on an idea can add depth and breadth to an idea generation. 
  3. 3. Passion for an idea increases the energy in the room'making it more comfortable for others to offer even more ideas, and taking the passionate builders in other new directions. 

Perhaps the most rewarding benefit shared by elaboration and Fan Fiction alike, is the viral enthusiasm that grows from one person to the next. This phenomenon fuels not only the shaping of the idea, but also the adoption'transforming a possibility in the ether into something with real application for its users'which is something anyone in the idea business should be a fan of.

About the Authors

This post was written by the innovation experts at Ideas To Go. Ideas To Go is an innovation process consulting firm. Our expert facilitators, along with our Creative Consumers' associates, will help stretch your thinking to discover insights, areas of opportunity, and your next big idea. For additional information, contact srobertson@ideastogo.com.

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