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The Future of Fashion is Now for Stella McCartney

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Sometimes, amongst the versatility of the fashion industry there are moments when you can see into the future. This does not mean you will have psychedelic visions, but you’ll rather find yourself immersed in the magical moments when innovation meets opportunity quite frequently.

For Stella McCartney’s magical moment occurred after realizing that she could shape of the future of fashion by creating a sustainable fashion industry. In an interview with Elle Magazine, McCartney claims “environmentalism is the future of fashion and especially the future of our planet”.

Stella McCartney’s actions have reflected how strongly she feels about sustainability in the fashion industry as she has continuously used recycled materials in her designs. In her latest sustainability project, McCartney had partnered with Sea Shepherd to “design a limited edition backpack made from recycled marine plastic”. For McCartney, “there is no compromise on style”, which ensures that the consumer still receives the sleek and modern look that the brand is known for.

Evidently, the fashion industry is behind in taking initiative actions to change and challenge the way things normally operate. According to McCartney, the fashion industry “in this conversation… is very old fashioned. I think it’s crazy that they are still working with materials that is killing billions of animals.” The future for McCartney means a world where animals are not sacrificed for the luxury of humans.

Innovation has been the key to Stella McCartney’s journey in remaining a responsible, honest, and eco-friendly brand. She understands that one does not have to be a physic to predict the future, and loves innovation and uses it in ways that makes her a game changer in the fashion industry.

The fashion industry has a lot to learn from the Stella McCartney brand, as it is one of the few fashion brands that understand the importance of innovating today to improve the future of tomorrow. From an innovative spirit to ecofriendly actions, it is no secret that the future is now for the Stella McCartney brand.

About the Author: Jailene is a 17- year- old blogger who enjoys literature, walking around New York City, and learning something new everyday.

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