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The future of US innovation

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With much of the world's focus on the current American presidential election, Ed Paisley looks at what the next American president needs to do to both improve the economy and keep America as a leader of science and technology.

However, he fears that with all of the problems coming out of the Bush administration, that the focus of the next president will not be on the innovation and research that is needed to keep our economy strong. Paisley believes that science, innovation and research are critical in restoring the United States economy. He points out that many things in this country rely on federal investment, including the economy and the future workforce. It's critical to focus on the math and science skills of the current generation being educated. The next president needs to focus on not only educating the brightest minds in the world, but also keeping them in the United States.

Paisley also believes that top scientific agencies such as the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Health and the Department of Defense need an increase of 7 to 10% in their budgets from the government. The next president should also set broad goals for the scientific world, and let the top researchers set the promising directions.

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