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The Innovation Center of the Southwest Asia

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Even though they sit in a seat of constant turmoil, Israel has continued to develop their industry to become one of the most advanced countries in Southwest Asia. According to this article at Monty C. M. Metzger's blog highlights why Israel has become one of the most innovative parts of this region of the world. According to Metzger, Isreal has the second largest amount of start up countries within its borders through out the world. They only trail the United States. Even though they have few natural resources, they are still self sufficient in food production. They also export vast amounts of goods including fruits, vegetables, and pharmaceuticals. They've made a huge profit off of this industry as well: Leading exports include fruits, vegetables, pharmaceuticals, software, chemicals, military technology, and diamonds; in 2006, Israeli exports reached US$42.86 billion. Another key part of Israel's innovation is the amount of technology that is concentrated in its borders. Just behind Silicon Valley is Silicon Wadi. Many big name tech companies that are already well established within their borders, including, Intel, Microsoft, Google, and Cisco Systems, just to name a few, have begun to invest in difference cities of Israel including Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem.

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