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The key principles of retail branding

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Today marks the fourth guest post from Jonathan Ford, Creative Partner at Pearlfisher on the principles of retail branding. Jonathan will be presenting "'Design for Life' - Creating a New Design Language for Health and Wellbeing in the Retail Sector" alongside Maggie Hodgetts of Waitrose this September at The Private Brand Movement conference in Chicago. To learn more about the event, click here.

Following from Jonathan's last post about the retail branding principle 'Empathy' we move on to principle 5, 'Connection'. To see Jonathan's past posts on the principles of retail branding please click here.

Principle 5 - CONNECTION
Defining and bringing to life an idea which expresses a unique personality is at the crux of the most successful retail brands. If this succeeds in forging an emotional relationship that engages the consumer then you are one step closer to longevity. Our role as designers is to bring together the deepest truths and most powerful desires to give brands their definitive expression.
In-Kind, the natural personal care brand for Safeway uses distinct, organic structures that create modernity and engage consumers. The design provides an own-able look and feel that allows In-Kind to connect through a strong brand aesthetic.

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