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The Science of Fun, Play and Humor

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Jaspar Roos talked about fun, play, and humor yet he began his career as a banker. Hmm, they must do things differently in Amsterdam!

Some problems in corporate life:

  • As we get older, we get too serious and stop asking questions; corporations are looking for inspiration and the crushing culture of being more efficient
  • We shy away from taboos; thought we talk about failure, we don't really do it
  • R&D doesn't buy innovation; we need to find another way

How should we reframe our way of thinking? First, innovation should be more about people! Hint: a focus on culture helps to unlock people to become more innovative. What Jasper found was that humor, fun, and play provides a way in (get people to laugh, get them to let down their guard).

More about humor:

  • Humor increases energy, motivation, and well being
  • Humor improves the organizational climate
  • When you've had the most fun at work, you've probably had the best performance

How to add humor?

  • Guerrilla tactics work
  • Change the physical environment (think Viagra light switch, add slides rather than stairs)
  • Organizational change (create alternative titles)

It's not B2B or B2C, it's H2H (Human to Human).

Alicia Arnold holds
a Master of Science in Creativity, Innovation and Change Leadership
from the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State
College and an M.B.A in Marketing from Bentley University. She enjoys
writing about creativity and innovation and is published with Bloomberg
Businessweek, the Huffington Post, The National Association of Gifted
Children, and iMedia Connection. In her role as an award winning,
digital marketer, she uses her passion for creativity and innovation to
develop breakthrough digital and social experiences. You can connect
with Alicia on Twitter @alicarnold.

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