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The Top 10 Reasons to Attend the 2012 Front End of Innovation

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Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Front End of Innovation 

10. More Value than Any Other Event: 
In just 3 days and for one travel spend, you will gain access to over 125 world-class speakers, over 75+ content driven sessions, and over 750 industry peers.

9. All New CIO Panel:
Insights from the innovation leaders: John Hillenbrand, Chief Innovation Officer, OWENS CORNING; Markus Fromherz, Chief Innovation Officer, XEROX; Rob Van Leen, Chief Innovation Officer, DSM; Naomi Fried, Chief Innovation Officer, CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL BOSTON.

8. Access to Speakers/Attendees Before the Event:
All registered participants and speakers are given access to a pre-event networking tool that allows you to see who else is attending, customize your agenda, and connect with those who share your interests with our 'corporate matchmaking' tool.

7. The BEST FEI Keynotes Yet, Including: 
- Chris Anderson, Author, Free & The Long Tail
- Phil Duncan, Global Design Officer, Proctor & Gamble
- Jeff Dyer, Author, The Innovator's DNA
- Michio Kaku, Famed Futurist, Physicist, and TV Personality
- Bill Hoffman, Senior Vice President, Consumer Insights, Best Buy

6. Choose from 8 Learning Formats: 
Only attend sessions with the learning format that's right for YOU. Experiential learning formats, including: FIRESTARTERS, CHAMPIONS, STORYTELLERS , FISHBOWL, SANDBOX, COINS, GREENROOM and CLASSROOM.

5. More Value- Seven Conferences in One: 
 Benefit from the main conference plus either 4 Full-Day Tuesday Summits, the Annual VoC Summit, the Annual Portfolio Management Summit, the All New Trends & Technology Summit, and the All New Co-Creation Summit; OR the Full-Day Workshop on A Universal Framework for the Front End of Innovation; OR the Full-Day Trenz'Walk around Orlando. Download the brochure to learn more.

4. Stories that Will Inspire You: 
Hear from innovators like Brian Hart, who lost his son to a roadside ambush in Iraq, and created an affordable robot that defuses bombs so troops don't have to. The result? Popular Science's "Best of What's New" and "Top 100 Innovations of the Year".

3. Celebrate Collaboration and Co-Creation:
Other conferences focus on what's already been done. FEI's all new CHALLENGE & CHANGE sessions leverage the collective intelligence of our fantastic attendees. 

2. 70 Real-World Case Studies: 
Break-out speakers worthy of the main stage:
 - Gordon Jones, Director, Harvard Innovation Lab
- Barry Calpino, Vice President, Breakthrough Innovation, Kraft
- Bill Lunderman, Vice President, Global Strategic Brand Design, Colgate-Palmolive
- Karent Freidt, Lead, Navigation Center for Creativity, Collaboration & Innovation, NASA

1. Your competitors will be there:
Can you afford not to be?
Download the FEI brochure for more details.

 Register before 4/13/2012 & save $100!  Use Code FEI12BLOG for an additional 15% off.

We hope to see you in Orlando next month!

Registration Details: 

Please mention your FEI Blog Reader priority code: FEI12BLOG
Online: www.frontendofinnovation.com
Phone: 888.670.8200
Email: register@iirusa.com

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