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This Week In Innovation: 7/20/15 - 7/24/15

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Gone are the days when innovation was frowned upon or something to be muttered softly. Unlike the 17th century where you could get imprisoned for life for even speaking of the word 'innovation,' today that's how business runs. In an article released this week by The Telegraph, Oliver Pickup discusses how vital and important innovation can be to keep a business afloat. 'Today is it the most important buzz word [innovation] for tech businesses, whose leaders are keeping their ears attached to the ground in order to seek out new ideas'' Tata Communications' CEO Vinod Kumar is cited in the article explaining how curiosity stimulates dialogue and is essential for growth at any organization. The article offers an excellent explanation and inside look into the benefits of forward thinking innovation.
If there was ever a time innovation most needed, now would be that time. According to an article by the New York Times published Wednesday, the latest assessment from the International Energy Agency forecasts an extremely bleak outlook as far as climate control goes. 'Even under the more optimistic assessments of humanity's technological capabilities, limiting the atmosphere's warming to two degrees Celsius above the average'seems to be slipping out of reach.' Innovation with regard to climate change appears to be fighting an uphill battle that is expected to only get harder from here. It will be interesting to follow this story and see how innovation can continue to progress sustainability.
We all know the story behind Steve Jobs and Apple's major success story. But do any of us know where the PC industry started? Some may tell you IBM, and those individuals would be wrong. In an article written for Fast Company on Wednesday, two women by the names of Lore Harp and Carole Ely were revealed to be the individuals responsible for launching the PC industry. The story goes, that during the same time Jobs and Wozniak were developing the Apple brand, bored housewives Lore Harp and Carole Ely were given the opportunity to launch Bob Harpe's (Lore Harp's husband) improved Altair memory board. How's that for a "humble beginnings" story?

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