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This Week In Innovation: 9/15/14 - 9/19/14

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Why creativity should become one more value of the business culture of any innovative company so that innovative processes are encouraged along all parts of the value chain.

Shell and Pele team up to create first player-powered soccer field in Rio favela: Using kinetic energy to power lights

How big egos destroy creativity

Five Roles to consider for Your Innovation Team

Transit Innovation: San Fransisco's BART cars getting a facelift and being reimagined

5 Steps for Success In Consumer Immersion

Disruption vs. Optimization - Driving Agility With Big Data

Augmented Reality in the NFL: Chris Kluwe explains how its closer than we think

These studies show is that there is more to the rise of Chinese companies than simply an ability to do things on the cheap. They are developing management techniques that help them create things faster.

Seven stages to eco-innovation

Intel Shows Off Jimmy, a Pollution Detecting Robot: Dealing with fears of robots

Can innovation be "managed" without jeopardizing creativity? Kalypso covers some of the most common innovation challenges, their impact on the business, and pragmatic approaches to implementing innovation management processes and tools.

Printing a car?!!?! Using 3D printing to print a car

Careful planning and organisational structure will provide an environment in which the often chaotic business of innovation can flourish, writes Mhairi McEwan.

The changing role of the CTO: It is not unusual for companies nowadays to post technical challenges online and receive bids from other companies to accomplish some of their technological needs, as P&G did with its 'connect & develop' strategy. The strategy was not to get rid of P&G's scientists, but to better leverage them.

Boardroom Metrics' releases a Corporate Innovation Assessment

Driving Fundamental Innovation: The Siemens Mobility IDEA Contest

Innovation managers who adopt a risk-based approach to radical innovation strategies will see its value in the marketplace.

Why your company might fail at crowdsourcing

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