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Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth

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Ever feel that the creative juices in the company are running out? Here's an interesting solution we don't hear much. GET RID OF PEOPLE. Scott Berkun discusses in his latest post how firing those employees who slow down processes and have absolutely nothing to contribute at meetings and during work hours might boost innovation levels within the company. Ultimately who do you want to keep in your company and invite to meetings, the answer is risk-takers and those who actually have something useful to contribute. Eliminate those who have nothing useful to say from meetings, you will only waste more time, thought, and energy by arguing. Scott goes on to explain that too many people quarreling over one single decision can ruin the creative flow. Simply there are too many egos and everyone is battling for the decision making power. When there is more decisions to be made with less people, there's less motivation to fight over decision power. So what do we take from this?

  1. Eliminate dead weight from the room.
  2. Invite those who have something useful to say to meetings
  3. Too many people deciding on one thing can restrict innovation flow

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