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Trend Hunter: 2016 Trend Report + Insight-based Innovation

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2016 Trend Report +
Insight-based Innovation
A Masterclass with Jeremy
Gutsche is the CEO of Trend Hunter and the best-selling author of Better & Faster: The Proven Path to
Unstoppable Ideas
& Faster Workshop
started with a picture of his partner, his wife, and a story. She was chased
for three hours, but zombies. Why? Fire.
Bombs. Cannons. Bullets. Rockets. Race to space. Nuclear subs. GPS.
Geocatching. Social media. Nike plus. The Walking Dead
. In other words, she
was doing a zombie run.
of these breakthroughs just build on one another. Point: you don't need one big
a idea, but a lot of small ideas that build upon one another.
came a brief overview: 'When we work with companies, we set up innovation
accelerators inside companies.' Trend Hunter has an Exploiting ChaosTM
Pace of Change exercise
first exercise in the workshop is the Pace of Change. First step, look at all
past behaviors. Then, compare to the present. The analogue used was movies.
Peer reviews, text, GPS, pre-bought tickets has utterly changed the behavior.
Looking at then-to-now helps.
second stage of Pace of Change is to forecast five years into the future:
now-to-then. For example, movies may be interactive. You may have an avatar in
the movie. Video games and movies merge. Interaction and experience have
shifted. Perhaps any move may be streamed.
you are no preparing for what will happen, but what may be.'
Design Your Own exercise
your own hip hotel sprint was the first small group task for this exercise.
Personalizing an experience for real people generates actionable ideas. Advice:
first hunt for cool. Examples include portable hotels, cave hotels, coffin
hotel, and other benchmarks. Next step: look at hotel services including
pre-cooked meals, pet spas, in-room massages, wine spas, beer spas, and more.
broaden the scope to fashion, museums, tech, etc.: skateboard park inside a
museum, social vending machines, so many more.
we cluster all the ideas into trends to recognize patterns. Beware; the first
insights need to be discarded because of bias. Dig deeper. Time to re-cluster
the data. Develop a variety of points of view. Now, the exercise picks back up:
pick one insight and rebuild.
we drove off an insight, we innovated off a much smaller box'and the ideas were
more novel,' says Gutsche.
Distopia/Utopia exercise
yourself these things about distopia: What may cause your brand to miss out?
What five factors can lead you to failure in five years?
are the key levers, the five factors to solve? What can lead to utopia?
your list of factors, now figure out the key two or three that may really make
a difference around which you can innovate.
have explored the risks, dreams, fears, and hopes.
of the methods include: Convergence. Divergence. Reduction.
Masterclass was packed, energized and energizing, and a great addition to the
conference line up.

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