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Unique Experiences across the Front End of Innovation

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With the launch of this blog, our focus is to bring to you examples of how different organizations approach innovation, applying well known techniques or developing their own to handle the unique circumstances they are facing. Recently we received these recorded webinar presentations taking a look at what these companies faced. We hope you'll find these of interest:

How Sprint Uses Value-Based Management to Innovate

In this 45 minute Webinar recording you'll learn how Sprint Nextel used Value Based Management techniques to quickly and confidently identify commercialization and product opportunities that would maximize return on investment.

How HP Uses Value-Based Management to Maximize New Product Value - Two Case Studies

In this Webinar featuring Dr. Michael Menke, former Chief Portfolio Advocate and Business Strategist Strategic Planning and Modeling, Hewlett Packard, you'll follow the journey of two products through the new business creation decision process.

Sheila Mello's Insights
Sheila Mello shares a few words about the meaning of customer value and how to find the innovative solutions that may come from that.

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