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Vince from Apple to Coca-Cola.

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"We no longer have the luxury of one discipline of design."

Vince Voron addressed where design is going in an interview with me yesterday. He emphasized the movements in digital, but also made note of all the elements of design we have to be aware of when designing.

At one point there was only architectural design. Now, we have the design of everything, if you think about it broadly (graphic, product, architecture, advertising, digital, etc). Hence, the additional tracks for FUSE dedicated to other disciplines of design.

Which also brings up the idea of experience design. If we step back far enough, we can't help see the larger experience and when we get closer, it becomes overwhelming. It makes us focus on the infinite number of moments where design can be applied. And, how do we consider all these diverging disciplines to design an experience?

It has to be about multi-dispinary design. As Vince has stated, we don't have the luxury or the safety in just designing within our discipline. Today, we need to see the larger experience. We need to do this because consumers don't buy a product alone or a package alone or a logo alone or a digital interface alone. Consumers buy an experience.

Experience design is here, brought to you by consumer demand.

Do you agree? Do you design the experience?

Managing Principal
Capsule, An Experience Design Firm

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