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Voices from Last Year: The Takeaway

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A good innovation strategy takes a lot of rigorous thinking,
backed up both qualitative and quantitative data. That said, the questions that
drive strategy are fairly straightforward. If companies seek to innovate
sustainably over time, they need to understand who they focus on, what they
should make, and how they develop new products. When an innovation strategy
succeeds, it does so because it helps a company play to its strengths. This is
a topic that BEI:
Back End of Innovation
is centered around.
Jeizel Rosenthal, Business Development Management at Stlyus.com, a
company that analyzes how consumer lifestyle and trends impact product design
and consumer engagement across industries, discussed what she took away from the
BEI gave her a window into the true challenges that
organizations face every day in innovation. Additionally, Rosenthal learned
many different approaches to innovation created by experts in the industry.
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This year, BEI
is all about the strategy and execution of innovation.
It's a conference where the entire innovation process comes to life- from
leadership & organizational structure, to optimizing the idea portfolio, to
process and strategy, to commercializing new ideas, ultimately driving bottom
line profitability. We hope to see you there!

Join us at BEI 2013 in November. To register, click

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