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Waitrose is 'Good To Go'

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Waitrose takes its Private Brands to the next level with the introduction of 'Good To Go' a Private brand created by the English design firm Turner Duckworth. For readers that follow Turner Duckworth the work is familiar, clean crisp and modern. But the business concept is something that has recently begun to gain momentum across the Atlantic. They hope to leverage the brand outside of their own stores and sell it in partner stores ranging from the drugstore Boots to gas stations and convenience stores. This follows the introduction of the Chockabloc ice cream Private Brand as a 'high valued brand' by Tesco, Tesco also hopes to market it and other Private Brands outside of its stores. The brand pulls together over 150 products previously in different parts of the store into one brand with various sub ranges, including new innovative flavors, lower calorie and basics, as well as indulgent treats, too. Turner Duckworth came up with the name 'Good To Go' which reflects the high quality of food available combined with the convenience. The designs are packed with details about the provenance of the food to give customers something to read as they munch through their lunchtime sandwich. __________________________________________________________________________________ To learn more about Waitrose, its Private Brands and the Waitrose/Pearlfisher partnership please join me as I chair the Private Brand Movement conference in Chicago September 19 ' 21. Where Maggie Hodgetts, Head of Design, for Waitrose and Jonathan Ford, Creative Partner for Pearlfisher will present 'Design For Life ' Creating A New Design Language For Health And Wellbeing In The Retail Sector' Together, Jonathan Ford, Creative Partner of Pearlfisher and Maggie Hodgetts, Head of Design at Waitrose, will present how the new Waitrose health and wellbeing proposition was defined so that it naturally fitted as a strategic cornerstone to Waitrose brand. As well as the opportunity to be amongst the first to see the new Waitrose health and wellbeing offer. Takeaways from this exclusive, ground-breaking presentation will include:

  • How a distinct personality and design language can make health and diet products exciting and create difference
  • How architecture, cohesive design and brand identity work to give life to the new Waitrose health and wellbeing offer
  • Future insights into the world of food and healthy convenience including analyzing cultural global shifts and tailoring to different markets

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