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Webinar: 10 decisions endowments and foundations should be making right now

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Tuesday December 1st 2020 | 4pm GMT / 11am EST

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As a category, endowments and foundations (E&Fs) include some of the most sophisticated and prominent institutional investors. They have long been known for successfully generating outsized returns from top-quality investment programs. Now, in 2020, E&F investment portfolios are being relied on even more to support underlying operations that are under pressure.

In this webinar, we’ll be asking our panelists to each highlight 3 decisions that they think E&Fs should be considering right now to best position themselves for success. And to round out the top 10, our host, Claire Commons from Palico, will provide a final recommendation for E&Fs to consider. The main topic areas our guests will speak against are:


  • Historically, E&Fs have had significant private markets portfolios - is 2020 the year to maintain investment pace?
  • With tech valuations skyrocketing and portfolios now potentially overexposed to early-stage VC and growth, are there reasons to rebalance into other ‘unloved’ sectors?
  • How has the diligence process changed now that we’re all behind our screens instead of around conference tables?

Institutional Operations

Foundations are dramatically increasing spending on crucial grants. Colleges and universities are navigating uncharted territories balancing remote learning with careful in-person interactions. Hospital systems are under enormous pressure to meet the needs of their communities.

  • How are E&Fs stepping up to these new challenges?
  • What operations-focused lessons can we share?

Team Optimization

E&Fs are generally made up of very small teams that usually thrive in a small office environment where they manage a large scope of work. Now, with remote working becoming the norm we get advice on how to maximize team efforts.

  • What tech is allowing E&Fs to collaborate, communicate and make investment decisions effectively?
  • How can they elevate interns and execs for optimal working?
  • And how can this group of E&Fs develop peer networks to share best practices and learnings?

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