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Webinar: Opportunities in international university branch campuses - a focus on emerging markets

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The number of international branch campuses have increased in recent years.

The macro tailwinds for international student mobility remain attractive. On the back of increasing affluence, growing aspirations for a foreign degree and a poor quality local provision, there is increasing demand for international, high-quality higher education to be delivered from a range of source countries into emerging markets.

Recent regulatory changes and a maturing market have led universities to explore other avenues for internationalisation and revenue diversification, of which expansion into foreign branch campuses have become a prime model for consideration.

This merits a deeper understanding of the benefits, operating models and key success factors for using this model to expand internationally, both into and within different emerging markets.

Against this backdrop, EY-Parthenon’s international education practice will address the following questions in this exclusivewebinar:

  • Who’s leading the charge for international branch campuses?
  • What are the benefits of an international branch campus?
  • Which operating models have been observed?
  • How successful have branch campuses been?
  • What makes them successful?
  • What are the trends expected in the future?

Meet our speakers:

Derrick Betts - circle

Derrick Betts

Director, UK/Europe Education Practice and International Education Practice, EY-Parthenon

Ashwin Gopalakrishnan - circle

Ashwin Gopalakrishnan

Vice President, International Education Practice, EY-Parthenon

Raunaq Sabharwal - circle

Raunaq Sabharwal

Director, International Education Practice, EY-Parthenon

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