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What do you think is the future of technology?

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Front End of Innovation blog members ' we want to know what you think is next for technology. What creative tools and innovations can we look forward to? Will today's technology leaders still be relevant in 5 years? 20 years? Let us know! DM us on Twitter @FEI_Innovation or @Future_Trends

Find out what HP's vision of technology's future is when VP and CTO, Phil McKinney as he reveals "The Changing Face of Creativity and Innovation at Future Trends 2010, October 18-20. The Future of Technology Innovation is a key catalyst for economic success and recovery, yet some find it elusive. Phil McKinney sees daily examples of the breadth of human ingenuity to solve social, economic, political and event technical challenges, as his team continuously plots the future of technology 5, 10 or even 20 years out. This requires the ability to dream, visualize and create, using a full range of creative tools, models and concepts. Learn early concepts and prototypes in technology and show the "how" of innovation and techniques for unleashing creativity and ingenuity. See how technology innovation will be key to winning in the emerging creative economy and leaving you with a renewed level of confidence in your own ability to create. Be inspired to create and do amazing!

Find out more about the unique stories of all our mind stretching keynotes HERE. Or, want more on Technology? Join the full day symposium focused on "Technology & Online Collaboration Trends."Technology & Online Collaboration Trends

' Co-Creative Methods for New Product Innovation
- John Rogers, Jr., President, CEO & Co-Founder, LOCAL MOTORS
' Using Existing Trends and Technology in New Ways: The Future of Online Brand Building
- Stephen Gates, Interactive Creative Director, STARWOOD HOTELS & RESORTS
' Money 4.0: The Future of Currency, Credit and Personal Finance
- Chris Moloney, Chief Marketing Officer & Jay Campbell, Sr. Director of Product Innovation, EXPERIAN CONSUMER DIRECT
' The Evolution of New Media: The Next New Thing
- Del Ross, Vice President, U.S. Sales & Marketing, INTERCONTINENTAL HOTELS GROUP
' Understanding the Unleashed Power of Social Video Gaming for Positive Impact
' Global Security: Implications of Social Networking for the Military
- Robert M. Toguchi, COL, Ph.D., US ARMY, Chief, Initiatives Group, ARMY CAPABILITIES INTEGRATION CENTER

Future Trends //October 18-20, 2010 // Miami, FL

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