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Workshops at FEI Venice 2014

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The best way to use your brain is not only to use it as a one way track. The combination of all senses is essentially to activate as most capacity as possible. The good news are: it is even more fun!

So instead of getting bothered by complicated text-based presentations, all workshops were really interactive and entertaining. We learned how to visualize even complex situations we usually might have tried to express in less effective ways, like writing...

Engage // Innovate Workshop "Strategy Tools for the Next Generation"

 We also learned how to create new business models by combining mega trends with really new technologies. 3D printing for instance, is not a really new technology.. the latest achievements in technology are even more fascinating. Objects which are assembling and adapting themselves are products of a 4D printing technology. Combining this new stuff with e.g. social media and web 3.0 as mega trends let you really think out-of-the-box and you will be surprised about the new ideas popping up.

Z_punkt Workshop "Identifying Future Business Opportunities from Trends and Weak Signals"

Another surprising method of visualizing complex situations and to push the level of communication to another level was LEGO Serious Play. As the name suggests we played LEGO, again, and it was great. Try to explain the worst CEO you could imagine, try to build an object which depicts the situation of your company or just the highest tower out of 50 LEGO bricks. The results were incredible accurate and gave real insides into the participants' minds.

LEGO Serious Play Workshop "Exploring the Business Model Canvas with the LEGO' SERIOUS PLAY' Method"

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