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A Necessity for Survival in the Future Wellness Ecosystem

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GE believes innovation is "about making the world work better. It's about the future of industry - energy, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing." That's why the Front End of Innovation has been there providing innovation best practices to your cross-industry peers for over a decade.

For 2013, the FEI brand has innovated itself, launching FEI Wellness: Front End of Innovation Wellness.

Created specifically for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, FEI Wellness unites leaders to share insights and debate best practices for innovating healthcare.

Eli Lilly & Company
Predicting, Planning and Innovating for an Unpredictable Future

Business Model Transformation: A Necessity for Survival in the Future Wellness Ecosystem

Siemens Healthcare
Get Ready for Unwrapping Your Partnering Potential

Big Sexy Data and its Potential to Transform Healthcare

Johnson & Johnson
Ready for Healthcare Anywhere?

Beacon Health System
Executing Experiences that Exceed Customer Imagination: How to Steps for Monday Morning

CarePass from Aetna. Simple, Connected, Convenient

Children's Hospital Boston
The New Model: Making the Hospital More Innovative for Patient Families, Employers & Policy Makers
And more. Download the brochure for the full agenda.

Plus, don't miss cross-industry keynotes delivered by:

' David B. Agus, MD, University of Southern California, Author, The End of Illness
' Denise Morrison, CEO, Campbell Soup Company
' Vivek Wadwha, VP of Innovation, Singularity University
' Wim Elfrink, Chief Globalization Officer, Cisco
' Keith Sawyer, Professor, Washington University & Author, Group Genius
' Todd Henry, Author, The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment's Notice
' Alexander Osterwalder, Author, Business Model Innovation
' And more. Click here for the complete speaker roster.

When the right people meet the right environment, innovation thrives. FEI Wellness is where exceptional cross-industry keynotes, combined with powerful healthcare-focused content, and distinctive experiences, drive purposeful change.

Join us as we transform the industry.

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