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Addressing Customer 'Pain Points'

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During an economic downturn, companies must really show that they are attuned to customer needs in order to bring innovative solutions to old-age problems. This post on Endless Innovation highlights two examples of how FedEx and Amazon.com have listened to their customers and have come up with new ideas to address these customer 'pain points'.

Since the holiday season is approaching, many consumers will face the problem of opening up gifts. Some gifts are so tightly shrink wrapped it becomes a mission to penetrate gift wrapping. Amazon has decided to alleviate this problem by introducing 'frustration-free packaging.' These gifts will now be easy and safe to open, with packaging that is recyclable.

FedEx has introduced a new baggage handling service in coordination with United Airlines to help consumers avoid carrying bulky materials through airports. For $149, consumers can have door-to-door baggage handling, instead of going through pesky check-in screening processes at the airport.

What are innovative solutions your organization has come up with to address customer 'pain points' this holiday season?

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