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Advanced Contract Law in Practice

Elevate your business acumen with our advanced contract law course, designed to demystify legal intricacies and empower non-lawyers in confidently navigating complex contractual landscapes

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Advanced Contract Law Training Course for Non-Lawyers

Master your contract interpretation & preparation skills through this advanced contract law training program designed to extract, discuss, & interpret complex contract law issues & the real intent behind clauses, terms & conditions to generate true value for your business.

About the Course

Third in our contract law series and our CMP certification, this course is designed to demystify complex and confusing terms and conditions to take the headache and procrastination out of contract analysis. One of the biggest costs to business today is the time taken to understand the true meaning, intent, and associated implications and liabilities for individuals and organisations.

As the economy picks up, many more contracts are being written with a myriad of complex terms and conditions. These often extremely critical terms and conditions get glossed over and sometimes overlooked, resulting in $1000s in time wasted, project hold ups and legal fees to establish fault and compensation. Our advanced contract law course will take a step-by-step approach through some of the most complex contracts we are faced with in business.

The course will cover a wide spectrum of industry sectors, and will be adjusted and tailored to suit the participants’ needs on the day. The instructor will spend detailed time teaching participants how to interpret examples and take their interpretative and analysis skills back to their workplace.

Who Will Benefit

  • This practical advanced course is relevant for ALL those who have dealings with contracts in their everyday business environment – in any industry or sector.
  • This course looks at contract law in much detail and should not be attended by anyone who has no understanding of the law.
  • Participants with a very good understanding of law and a good practical background are well served by this course.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Identify the legal issues that arise from using certain contract terms clauses
  • Review select terms and conditions and identify when and where these should be used in contracts
  • Examine and develop practical approaches to the following terms, conditions and clauses: indemnities, insurance, payment, bank guarantees, force majeure, liability, liquidated damages and termination
  • Maintain control of the contracting process by using terms and conditions and designing an appropriate framework
  • Consider advanced drafting techniques to ensure terms and conditions do not create ambiguity and uncertainty in contracts

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Informa Connect Academy’s customised training solutions have helped organisations deliver tailored learning in different languages to suit every requirement.

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26 Aug 2024

2 days

13:00 17:00 Australia/Sydney


Live Digital


Terry Reid



26 Aug 2024

2 days

11:00 15:00 Singapore


Live Digital


Terry Reid



Is this course for you?

Course Prerequisite

To attend this course, you must first attend either the ‘Contract Law Fundamentals’ or ‘Contract Law Masterclass.’

Course Information

Instructional Delivery Method: Live Digital
Prerequisite & Advanced Preparation: Reading material will be sent prior to the course 

The CMP Certification Framework

The CMP provides a robust method of upskilling and recognising an individual’s expertise and experience in contract management and procurement. Our combination of in-class teaching, facilitation, knowledge-based testing and workplace evidence-based examinations has been carefully crafted to not only teach knowledge and skills, but to also demonstrate how individuals can apply their knowledge to work based situations. This Certification is recognised by IIBT and World Commerce & Contracting.

THE IIBT / Informa Connect Academy Alliance

IIBT and Informa Connect Academy Learning joined together to provide a pathway for those who complete Informa’s CMP at the Master level. All CMP Masters will receive Recognised Prior Learning (RPL): 2 units of credit in the 12 month, Higher Education, University level Diploma of Business Administration.

  • Business Law (BL101)
  • Management in Organisations (MGT101)

*This is a Higher Education Diploma equivalent to first year university NOT a Vocational Education Diploma.

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World Commerce & Contracting

Informa Connect Academy is a Learning Partner of the World Commerce & Contracting which is a not-for-profit association and the only global body promoting standards and raising capabilities in commercial practice.

International Institute of Business & Technology

The International Institute of Business & Technology Aust (IIBT) is a highly respected, government-approved, Australian provider of higher education and VET programs. Their suite of programs includes a University level Diploma of Business Administration, equivalent to the first year of a business related undergraduate degree at Australian Universities.


Delivered by Terry Reid

Terry has over 27 years’ experience as a barrister and solicitor and in the delivery of courses on a variety of legal and commercial topics, covering a wide range of audiences.

Run this course in-house

Informa Connect Academy’s customised training solutions have helped organisations deliver tailored learning in different languages to suit every requirement.


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