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Baidu vs. Google

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We have posted before on how Google is not known as most innovative everywhere. In fact Yandex, a European search engine has a 10 point lead over Google in Russia. This recent article, from WSJ.com, highlighted that Google is experiencing the same problem against Chinese search engine company Baidu.com Inc. Baidu has made claims that they 'out-Google Google'. The company's internal research, they say, shows that their search engine is responsible for 60% of all searches in China. Also in a wsj.com survey, Baidu was voted as the most 'Innovative in Responding to Customer Needs.' This could mean trouble for Google later on since according to Internetworldstats.com, 427 million people search in English, while 233 million people search in Chinese. This shows that it is imperative, and will continue to be important for Google to keep up and increase their presence in the Chinese market. Meanwhile it will be interesting to see how the most innovative company according to BusinessWeek, will maintain their status with the increasing globalization of the search engine industry.

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