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March 18–20, 2024 | Barcelona, SpainMarch 26–27, 2024 | Digital Partnering

EG 427


EG427 is unlocking the full potential of gene therapy for the treatment of localized severe chronic diseases. Our proprietary platform of non-replicative herpes-based vectors is uniquely able to modulate the activity of various neurons subtypes. We will be the next company, after Krystal Bio (Nasdaq: KRYS), to have a non-replicative herpes-based construct in human clinical trial, and the first one to address sensory neuron-based pathologies. An IND for our first product, EG110A, is slated for late 23. This first product targets a broad range of conditions linked to bladder disfunction originating from the bladder sensory neuron system. The first POC in man will take place in neurogenic bladder post Spinal Cord Injury. EG 427 local gene therapy platform is engineered to overcome the limits of current vectors. By exploiting the natural properties of HSV-1, notably its ability to establish lifelong latency in neurons, our vector constructs aim to ensure safe, highly specific, durable expression of large transgenes (30+kb) driven by sophisticated regulatory elements. They also allow for repeated dosing. Our initial focus is on peripheral nervous system disorders driven by various subtype of sensory and autonomic neurons. Our highly versatile platform can address many other inherited or acquired pathologies with various therapeutic strategies, including multiple forms of neuropathy, neuromuscular or sensory diseases. Furthermore, our optimized manufacturing processes are scaling up to deliver attractive COGS. Leveraging these unique features, we are expanding our product pipeline thanks to our internal research capabilities and collaborations with several international academic groups. Our senior management team combines the necessary skill set to prosecute our platform development and our clinical programs effectively. Of particular note is our clinical team prior successes in the development of other drugs targeting the same bladder pathologies.