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Biologics pushing forward parenteral drug delivery

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biologics-parenteralOver 60% of the drugs currently being researched and in clinical development are biologics.  To have the desired effect in the human body, they need administered via parenteral delivery.   The prefilled syringe industry is expected to grow to $6.9 billion by 2018.  This method also allows for many safety benefits for the patient using them: ease of administration, improved safety, reduced risk of contamination, and accurate dosing.

Our partners at Drug Development and Delivery recently wrote an article looking at the development and discovery of the ways that companies are expanding their parenteral delivery options.  They featured the following companies having promise in the prefilled syringe arena with their products:

  • Battelle Medical Devices - Demonstrating usability
  • Baxter Biopharma Solutions - Sterile Manufacturing Assures Compliance
  • Catelent Pharma Solutions - Expanding PFS Offerings
  • Lyophilization Technology, INC. - Easing The Handling Of Lyophilized Product
  • Pfanstiehl, INC. - Using Quality Excipients For Parenteral Formulations
  • Unlife- Differentiating Injectable Drugs
  • Vetter - Services That Address A Compound's Requirements
  • West Pharmaceutical Services, INC.- Small User-Friendly Devices
  • Yukin Medical, LLC - Improving Medication Preperation For Injection
Read the full article to find out why these companies are making an impact in the space.
(Originally published on May 30, 2014)

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