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"Contracting will be the biggest innovation, but how it is actually implemented will be a challenge" - Cathy Burton-Meza, Gilead

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We spoke to Cathy Burton-Meza, Senior Manager, Audits & Compliance at Gilead, about how the new US administration will impact the industry and what changes she expects to see in the future.

What do you think will be the main impact from the new administration to this industry?

"I think there will be a continued push to pass savings along to patients. I believe that it is not just one stakeholders responsibility to do this but there needs to be clear rules/guidance and oversight to make sure it happens. I also think transparency in drug pricing will continue."

What do you see as the biggest innovation(s) in Medicaid and Government Pricing that will impact the next 5-10 years?

"Contracting I think will be the biggest innovation but how it is actually implemented will be a challenge. The proposed rule does not lay out how implementation and compliance will take place. Current systems used by stakeholders could delay the ability for this to be done. Also 340B duplicate discounts will need to be addressed by the agencies which may mean that they are provided more authority to monitor and oversee the programs."

What is or will be the major hurdles over the next 5-10 years?

"Transparency in data across all segments. Current technology to keep up with innovation in data scrubbing, analytics and pricing. All stakeholders including the government need to work together to find solutions by creating groups that have ongoing discussions vs just comments in proposed legislation."

Just for fun...What profession other than your own have you always wanted to attempt and why?

"I had always wanted to become a lawyer because I love how the law at times can be seen as very straight forward when in usually is not. I like to be able to investigate and come up with abstract ideas as to how or why rules are not as they seem."

Which city or location is your favorite for business travel and why?

"Chicago and NY because they have great food, as well as nice sites to see and connect with colleagues."

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