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Cuisinart + IBM : Blending Hardware + Cooking Social

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Can we bring IBM talking social together with Cuisinart cooking up social? These are contrasting speeches, but both interesting because of the bookends they create. Really would have been fun to have Mary and Jim do a speech together ' to really get the contrast.

Jim Newswanger givesus Social business by IBM and Mary Rodgers talked about the social efforts of Cuisinart and Waring.

The contrast is interesting.

A technology company like IBM observing and considering social cautiously. A consumer brand like Cuisinart jumps into the deep end and gives social a gigantic hug.

Your Klout comes up with IBM. Interesting. The old phrase "you never got fired for buying from Big Blue." Now, now if you have a great Klout score, its hard to get fired. Jim talks about expertise fame versus social fame and the importance of knowing the difference.
Cuisinart is using contests and walking into the middle of the social sphere with a fair amount of passion for moms, cooking and families.

Jim talks about digital citizenship, which is an elegant way to speak about this space in our lives. He also points out the importance of being aware of how your reputation is impacted. This is hard to comprehend if you're reading this post, some people are NOT in the digital social space. For a variety of reasons, they have opted out. Whether you're in the digital social space or not, it makes an impact on your reputation individually or as a person working for a brand of any size. Jim's message: take action to be aware of your reputation in the digital social space.

In the end the contrast seems to get down to this:

IBM considers "social" as a business tool to understand / observe commerce from a new perspective. Cuisinart takes on "social" as a new more personal way to engage their audiences with more depth, connectivity and personal attention.

Thank you Jim and Mary for giving us these book ends, now its our collective efforts to fill in the books on the shelf.

Any recommendations?

Aaron Keller
CapsuleScape [blog]

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