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Disruptive innovation needed to fix health care system

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The United States Health Care system is in trouble. Obama knows it, as does the rest of the country. The New York Times recently wrote a piece on how disruptive innovation could be the key to making the US health care system both affordable and more efficient with out having to spend billions of dollars.

The system that currently runs on a model that was developed years ago, and it also focuses on fixing illnesses, not promoting wellness. If innovation could be used to increase both quality and accessibility, costs could be reduced at the same time. The new technologies we have today could help with this, as they focus on individualization and could focus on prevention instead of solving crises when they occur.

Clayton Christensen, 2008 Front End of Innovation Boston keynote, had this to say about innovation for the health care system:
'Health care hasn't become affordable because it hasn't yet gone through disruptive decentralization.'

Do you think innovation can help the health care system?

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