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Empowering passion inspires innovation

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The marketplace is ripe for revolution. It will be sparked by those who embrace work as a spiritual quest, hell-bent on changing the game or exhausting themselves in the attempt.

FEI: Front End of Innovation 2013 is your gateway to change: Identify your passion and create a framework for applying it to the work you are already doing. Visit the FEI website for more details.

Join Todd Henry, Author of The Accidental Creative: How to be Brilliant at a Moment's Notice during the FEI Studio Extended Session, "Passion for Work"

As the world tries to find a way through economic malaise, we need courageous leaders who are willing to step up, channel their passion, and empty themselves each day in the pursuit of brilliance. Passion for work is not a self-centered thing. It becomes awakened as you find a problem that you are  equipped to solve, or one that awakens and leverages dormant skills. When you channel that passion into something useful to others the world around you changes.

We are excited to announce the addition of FEI Studio Session - where information meets inspiration.

Additional sessions include:

' Applied Improv for Leaders: Principles & Practices for Innovative Leadership

Innovative leaders rely on breaking habitual patterns, trying new things, exploring, discovering, and taking informed risks - just like improvisers. Creative leaders and improvisers both have to make spur of the moment decisions, synthesize emerging information, make relevant connections, and serve the bigger picture.

' Culture Hunting: From Prospective View to Creating the Future 

There is an aspect of the future that is predictable. Those who understand trends have the ability to influence what actually happens - seeing relationships that lead to new ideas, making connections of things seemingly unrelated, and perceiving smart re-combinations.

FEI will keep you enthused about what you do... create avenues for personal inspiration... and rekindle the innovation fire.

Join us May 6-8 as together we transform uncertainty into opportunity. Download the conference brochure here.

Registration Information:

Mention your Blog VIP Code FEI13BLOG to save 15% off the standard rate.
Email: register@iirusa.com
Phone: 888.670.8200

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