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EPIC 2010 - Keynote Bringing Innovation to Life

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Keynote: Kris Halvorsen, Chief Innovation Officer, Intuit

David Lidsky from Fast Company led a fireside chat with Kris Halvorsen at Intuit. Here's some of that discussion that took place during the chat.

Q: Do you have an example of a painstorm and how it led to customer innovation?

We realized the best thing we can do is bring the customer into sessions so that they can experience the pains they were having with the products. We had to capture customer empathy and work with teams to create a great outcome from this collection of emotions and feedback.

Q: What's the best way to structure a small team to ensure the best possible outomce into bringing an idea into reality?

Make sure to set the timeframe as a limit first. It gets you one step closer to closing the project. You also need to ensure that failure is ok because it allows you to focus on the importance of failure. Failure allows you to come up with a hypothesis that will allow you to progress.

Q: How do you measure the impact of all this activity in order to make sure it delivers on organic growth?

The clear thing is to have a customer benefit. Along the points of experimentation we measure how much money we have saved for the customer. On mint.com they measured how much customers saved on loan interest rates, car insurance, etc.

Q: Recently you released an Intuit 2020 report with trends that you see playing out in the future. What is the value in creating that kind of report and how do you use that internally to drive innovation?

If it's just a report given to the public then there's no value but if there's an operating platform to use the information in the report then there's some sort of value.

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