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EPIC Spotlight: Terence McElwee, Director of Technology Transfer & Innovation, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

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Terence McElwee
Director of Technology Transfer & Innovation
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Terence P. McElwee is the first Director of Technology Transfer & Innovation at KAUST, where he is building an open innovation organization. Technology commercialization is an integral part of KAUST's economic development mission.

Terence is using crowd-sourcing applications to design a metamediary innovation network that will serve regional companies and universities and is seeking partners and collaborators in the region to become part of that enterprise. He is also launching a technology transfer fellowship program for Saudi masters trained scientists and engineers to study at technology commercialization offices in the US.

He is co-author of Licensing Intellectual Property and Licensing Intellectual Property in the Information Age the first law school textbook devoted exclusively to technology licensing. He has written for the AUTM Technology Transfer Manual and the journal "Pharmaceutical Contract Administration." He was an Adjunct Professor of Law at Chicago-Kent College of Law and has served on the AUTM Journal Board of Editors.

KAUST's regional network plan is described in detail on the Website of Beyond the First World http://beyondthefirstworld.com.

Terrence McElwee will be presenting "Developing a Context, Framework and Strategy ' A Strategy to Both Sides of Open Innovation" at EPIC Partnerships this October.

Bio courtesy of LinkedIn: http://sa.linkedin.com/in/terencemcelwee

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