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FEI 2009 Keynote: Jody Turner

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Jody Turner, Founder, CultureofFuture.com
Wednesday 8:30

Be the new global standard in your field, break the mold and invite conversation, change the game worldly and wisely.
The world is shifting from a growth economy to one that includes community conversation as a major component of brand relationship development and marketing. What is the consumer up to and what are successful brands up to in order to stay connected to the evolving consumer landscape? How do you track what the consumer is doing, how do you translate it to your brand strategy? During this session we will be looking at top examples, discuss where it is all leading us and how we can feel some empowerment as we future strategize.

Jody Turner is a premier connector of inspirational people and information, presenting at world events, gleaning and reporting back influential design and lifestyle trends to companies worldwide. Jody's focus is strategic deliverables via topic driven trend presentations, project design and content ideation labs. Jody founded Culture of Future and Culture Lab over 6 years ago, working with some of the top communication and branding experts driving forward lifestyle, culture and design perspectives for larger global entities.

Jody has joined the Board of Directors for the Architecture + Design Museum, Los Angeles and has been invited to join the Fast Company Magazine experts online blog. Additional clients include CEOs For Cities, Apple, MySpace, Adidas Advanced Technology, Sony Design, Samsung, Starbucks, The Gap, Microsoft Pioneer Experience Studios (PMX), IDEO- San Francisco/NY, Home and Garden Television.

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