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FEI Europe 2009 announces keynote speakers

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With the Front End of Innovation Europe event right around the corner, we'd like to introduce you to who we have in store for this year's speakers. In addition to the stunning location of Monte Carlo, Monaco, we've got some of the world's leaders of innovation bringing their insights and thoughts at this year's FEI Event. We'd like to begin by introducing you to Jeremy Rifkin, Efstratia Zafeiriou, Leo Roodhart, and Jan Kriekels.

Jeremy Rifkin is the president of the Foundation of Economic Trends. He's also the author of seventeen best selling books, including The Hydrogen Economy, The European Dream, and The End of Work. He's an advisor to the EU on such issues as the economy, climate change, and energy security; he is also an advisor to the European Commission, the European Parliament, and several EU heads of state including the president of Spain and the Chancellor of Germany.

Leo Roodhart is the leader of Shell's Corporate and Strategic Innovation program. Through this program, he helped identify and sponsor the development of new and breakthrough technologies for the oil industry. He supports innovation in the strategy units throughout the Shell Corporation.

Efstratia Zafeiriou is the head of marketing and trend research at Audi. On the team at the Audi Lab for Market Research, they concentrate on market research with focuses on product design, brand/product management and market research. Jan Kriekels is an anthropologist who looks at design creatively and for design to have the core values of art, creativity, sustainability, and user driven co-creation. He founded Uchronia with Arne Quinze, their goal being a way to give creative people design products and encouraging a creative economy.

Stay tuned for more information on the great innovative minds we have for this years event. We look forward to seeing you in Monaco, January 26 - 28 at the Fairmont in Monte Carlo, Monaco for the Front End of Innovation Europe 2009!

(Sources: The Foundation of Economic Trends, Plaxo, Audi Lab, Uchronia)

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