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FEI Europe 2011: Culture, risk and what's next?

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Future Trends Summit: Engaging What Matters Next

Probing the Future: Design Provocations and the Culture of Innovation

The Innovation Art of Avoiding Uncertainty- Understanding Cavemen

Ciaran McGinley, Principal Director, EUROPEAN PATENT OFFICE

We usually experience most cultures through stereotypes. They are a combination of truth with exaggeration. When it comes to strategy and culture, culture will always win. The local culture will always dominate wherever business is taking place. IS it more likely that the culture of innovation will change if the local culture changes its views on uncertainty?

Intuition is not always correct. No risk no pay is not supported by innovation research. The more you avoid uncertainty, they more you'll pay.

Society copes with uncertainty with three things: technology, law and religion. Everyone can get into the innovation process, but it's just as important to get that idea in to the production process. It's important to value everyone, not just the person with the innovative idea.

Monitoring Change Through Global TrendTreks
Steven van der Kruit, Global Director, and Mikel Cirkus, Global Director, Conceptual Design Group, FIRMENICH PERFUMERY

They have to look to the trends five years in the future. They have two years from then for market readiness. Trends are not specific, the implementation of them into business is what counts.

Three principles of change:

  1. 1) Big ideas are already in the making
  2. 2) Change comes at the end where fun, danger, pain and action is
  3. 3) The edge is underground

Areas of innovation: LA, New York, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Soeul, Tokyo, HongKong, Bangkok, Sydney and Sao Paulo. NYC, Tokyo and London are the top

They collect the trends across the towns, the artists communicate across the borders. This has become easier thanks got digital cameras, longer camera battery life and more memory space on computers.

What are emerging trends they see now:

  1. 1) Transient/fluid
  2. 2) Back to the origin
  3. 3) Revalue
  4. 4) In praise of diversity
  5. 5) Connectivity applied
  6. 6) Who wants to live forever
  7. 7) Nature's last call
  8. 8) Respectful living
  9. 9) Neo urban
  10. 10) Magic & fairytales
  11. 11) Technical scientific wonderland
  12. 12) Togetherness

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