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FEI Europe 2011: The Power of Design Thinking

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DESIGN INNOVATION/ a catalyst for re-definition

Experience Led Innovation: The True Value of Applied Design Thinking
Gus Desbarats, Chairman, The Alloy: Experience Led Design, BRITISH DESIGN INNOVATION

Human decisions determine the outcome of all innovation processes. Companies must set up projects to set up the brief for other projects.

Keys to design thinking:
1) Have a core purpose (aligned with customer need) and character
2) Get decision makers close to customers
3) Plan your business by customer journey not by 'operating division'
4) Know your touch points
5) Understand, value and exploit cognitive meaning
6) Create, simulate, role play, learn, improve and iterate
7) Co-create with integrity
8) Ramp up the realism, ramp down the options
9) Be passionate about the detail
10) Anticipate constraints
11) Document everything that matters

Desbarats' website: http://thealloy.com/

Audi Design: The Art of Progress
Lutz Sauvant, Manager, External Design, Audi Design, AUDI

The Design Department at Audi: is based inside the Technical Development Department, this creates a close bond to the Engineer Department. The key in this part of the company is the spirit of challenging and looking to do projects where they could fall to ruin. These are 200 independent thinkers? How does a company focus these people in a single direction? You set a common goal and encourage all of your thinkers to find a way to get there.

Audi looks at its cars as athletes. There are many types of athletes such as competitive and luxury athletes. Audi dips in to culture when designing their car ' architects as well as visiting the lives of the people who drive their cars. Audi works to have personal design networks. They engage In activities to reconnect with design in different ways. Their designers also go into the field to visit the best in different fields to free their creativity.

For Audi, perfection is the most important thing for their drivers. They must fall in love with it from afar, and continue to be in awe through the experience of the interface to driving experience. The interface experience is one of their core competencies. Their systems are designed for extreme use and untrained customers.

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