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Free Web Seminar: Systematic Innovation: Building Capabilities and Processes to Make Innovation More Predictable and Repeatable

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The Front End of Innovation Event is putting on a one hour long web seminar with presenter Trisha Pergande who is the director of Strategy and Innovation at General Mills. The web seminar is going to take place on Wednesday April 8, 2009 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EST. Here's a brief description of the presentation and what you can expect to take away from it.

Identifying new products does not have to be a magical experience where inspiration luckily meets a marketplace need. Process does not need to be the enemy of innovation. Rather, providing the right amount of structure can make innovation repeatable and teachable. General Mills has decided to systematize exploratory innovation by creating a team of internal consultants that specialize in identifying new opportunities.

From this Web Seminar you will uncover:

  • Why is systemizing innovation important?
  • Why is having internal innovation expertise critical?
  • What are the four fundamental steps for identifying opportunities?
  • Why does process need to be enabled by great tools?
  • Why are great ideas insufficient?

Make sure to mention priority code G1M2104W1BLOG when you register.

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