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GE, Lilly, Pfizer bring innovation to the patient experience

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The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries have seen dramatic changes in recent years. From the passage of the Affordable Care Act, to new and innovative approaches in medicine, there's been a fundamental shift.

But one thing has remained the same - the patient.

The consumer is typically at the heart of every innovative new product, service or experience - so why not in healthcare?

FEI Wellness: The Front End of Innovation Wellness is bringing the patient back into healthcare innovation. Industry leaders from Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Beacon Health System, Siemens Healthcare, UnitedHealthGroup and more will join cross- industry keynotes to push you beyond the borders of your own industry.

Patient Experience Innovation:

Innovating with Customers in the Health & Wellness Space
Mark Ciesko & Jonathan Polhamus, GE Healthcare - Global Design

This talk highlights GE Healthcare's "Menlo" experience of applying the Design Thinking innovation approach to improve the patient experience in clinical environments. The goal of the Menlo Innovation Ecosystem is to enable healthcare organizations to create and deliver exceptional patient and staff experiences for new hospital constructions as well as existing clinical environments that meets their needs in this increasingly competitive environment.

"Got Trauma? There's an App for that; expanding the reach of the trauma surgeon with mHealth virtual presence...in your pocket!"
Rafael J. Grossman, MD, FACS, General and Trauma Surgeon, Telemedicine and mHealth innovator

How can an on-call trauma surgeon, covering a combined area larger then MA, VT and NH, expand his or her reach to be in two places at the same time? By the use of a telehealth network, equipped with mobile capabilities, a team of surgeons can extend their expertise, throughout time and geography, improving care, saving money and increasing clinician and patient satisfaction.

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FEI Wellness: The Front End of Innovation Wellness is built specifically for YOUR industry in a time where solution-focused collaboration is more important than ever. Key stakeholders across the pharma, healthcare and wellness industries will reach across the table to tackle the issues critical to the advancement of the industry.

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