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Harvard Business Study Links Motivation to Creativity

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In a recent study released by Harvard Business School, a study was done to find the effects of business life on the amount of creativity produced.
The study consisted of 238 people from seven different companies. Each day the participants were asked to fill out daily journals that included numerical ranked questions dealing with: Information about their work day, emotions, motivation, work environment, in addition to brief description of their work day and detailing one event that stood out.
At the end of the research phase, these participants provided 12,000 entries. There was concrete evidence that:
People have their best days and do their best work when they are allowed to make progress.
The study now had evidence that positive emotions lead to a higher amount of creativity, and can also reach this junction by being allowed to make progress. Even little amounts of progress in one's inner work life can lead to higher amounts of creativity.
To receive the creativity out of your employees, HBS Study provided this:
Support employees' progress in their work every day. Set clear and meaningful goals for them; provide direct help, versus hindrance; offer adequate resources and time; respond to successes and failures by drawing on the experience as a learning opportunity, not just a moment to praise or reprimand; and establish a culture where people are treated with respect.

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