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How Creative Are You? 7+ Quizzes & Challenges

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It's a holiday here in the States and our IIR offices are closed in observance so we thought we'd leave you with something fun and productive to entertain yourself.

Can people completely lack creativity? 

Whether you know you are extremely creative or the idea of creativity intimates you and leads to panic and chaos, here are 7 quizzes to assess your individual level of creativity and foster inspiration for creativity prowess:

Best of luck!

The 2-Minute Creative Thinking IQ Test

5 Classic Creative Challenges

How Creative are You? Test

Creative Problem-Solving Test

How did you do? Tell us in the comments below and share your own assessment tactics with us.

About the Author

Valerie M. Russo is a Senior Social Media Strategist at IIR USA with a background in technology, anthropology, marketing and publishing.  Russo has worked in a variety of digital media roles at Hachette Book Group, Aol, and Thomson Reuters. She is a published poet and maintains a literary blog. She may be reached at vrusso@iirusa.com. Follow her @Literanista.  

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