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Human Centered Design Thinking

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Lessons from the Human Centered Design Thinking presentation:

  • Ask the right questions - When asked the right way questions can increase the number of ideas. However, when asked the incorrect way questions can stifle ideas. For example, while it may be difficult for a person to come up with an app for family law, by asking what are the problems you face every day in practicing family law, it becomes easier to come up with ideas.
  • Practice re-framing - ask a friend to draw a flower vase. Give them one minute. After the minute is up, more than likely the drawing you'll see will be pretty standard. Now, ask that same person to draw ways to use flowers in their home. Give them two minutes. More than likely you'll get a greater array of ideas. You might see drawings of wallpaper, potted flowers, or even a mural. Yes, re-framing by asking the right question works!
  • Learn from mistakes: 1) Don't let theories fool you - the ideas on design thinking don't always translate to your specific culture 2) A good idea isn't enough - be sure you have the right advocates to support you; don't get stuck by the gatekeeper and don't get blindsided (pre-meetings and researching POVs beforehand work) and lastly 3) research is more than numbers; need to balance the story with the proof.

Alicia Arnold holds
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with Alicia on Twitter @alicarnold.

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