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Incremental is not enough! Today's leadership calls for breakthrough

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Creativity has become synonymous with innovation. Innovation is the difference between thriving in this challenged economy and slipping further into extinction.

In a recent IBM study of 1,500 CEOs from 60 countries and 33 industries, the number one leadership competency of the future was cited as "creativity". That's because as the world becomes more complex, the ability to solve problems requires a creative approach to overcoming obstacles by thinking differently.

We're not just talking about blue skies, design and artistic applications. We're talking about the ability to tackle tough challenges by avoiding the obvious.
Incremental is not enough! Today's leadership calls for breakthrough. Wall street pressures are at an all time high, everyone from designers to line of business leaders need to retrain their minds to exercise both right AND left brain thinking.

Introducing a professional development solution that's answering the call to action in what many are calling the "creative state of crisis" : CLA.

To experience a little of what CLA is about, participate in lesson 4.

Better defined results and solutions. Creative problem solving requires attention to detail that you may have skimmed over in the past. By focusing on the details of the problem, we can create a more defined solution and a more defined action.

Enrollment limited to 150 . Sign up today to begin your journey January 16-18, 2012 at The Creative Leadership Academy.

Download the syllabus to learn more.

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